Credit Union Growth Enhancing the Home Buying Experience for Credit Union Members


Enhancing the Home Buying Experience for Credit Union Members

home buyingCompetition is high when it comes to purchasing a home. Prices have increased due to the pandemic, making it a seller’s market. An increase in demand and a decrease in inventory means buyers have to act fast. Multi-offer scenarios and bidding wars have become the norm. Buyers watch prices rise and see their offers rejected. Credit unions must find ways to pave an easier path for home purchasing members. One solution is transforming the home buying experience with best-in-class technology.

Voxtur’s Anow solution offers opportunities to save time by shaving days off the appraisal process, giving credit unions and their members a true competitive advantage. Think of it as a sophisticated solution giving your members peace of mind and an enhanced buyer experience. The Anow technology saves time and money, with an end-to-end solution designed for the contemporary credit union that aims to take greater control of their lending process and deliver a better member experience. 

Credit unions can quickly deploy Anow and integrate it into their loan origination system, automate order assignment and appraisal review workflows, and work efficiently with AMCs or by leveraging one of the thousands of skilled appraisers using Anow today. The Anow technology also allows your credit union to process credit card payments with confidence all in one place. An entirely customized order management system, which gets your orders accepted faster, allows your credit union to shine with data that is never compromised or sold. 

As expectations evolve, credit unions must adapt to accommodate their existing members and look for ways to grow their member base. Anow packs powerful tools that can help with simplifying the appraisal process. Milestones and pertinent information are provided throughout the appraisal process, and your members are empowered with valuable data and photos.

Anow can route all valuation orders to your AMCs or direct to appraisers, where our proprietary technology allows for efficient order acceptance. This cuts down turnaround times by leveraging the best-in-class appraiser tools--including instances where full appraisals are completed within 48 hours, better ensuring your loans close on time. Credit unions can also incorporate customized rules that automate previously manual tasks, adding even more velocity to the process.

Anow works with you and your needs. In a highly competitive purchase market, we need all the advantages we can get. Anow does give you and your members that edge and helps credit unions deliver the best-in-class member experience they deserve.


Preston Packer

Written By: Preston Packer

Executive Vice President | CMO at FLEX Credit Union Technology
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