Reinventing Credit Union Member Services in a Digital World

digital bankingCredit unions have always prided themselves on being able to provide personal, top-quality service to their members. As the world turns more and more towards digital solutions that affect how credit unions and other financial institutions do business, being able to continue to provide the best level of member service should be a top priority for all credit unions.

By now it’s clear digital banking will play a major role in the future of credit unions, and digital member services are a big part of the digital infrastructure credit unions must build in order to compete and satisfy their members. Members now want digital member services (DMS) that are efficient, seamless, personalized and modern. Staying up to date on the changes in technology and the strides being made in digital member services is the first step towards enhancing the capabilities of your credit union and achieving overall member satisfaction.

Using technology to enhance your digital member assistance

The days of slow, frustrating IVR and traditional phone-based member assistance are over. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and members expect a higher quality of digital member assistance. After all, people have become accustomed to communicating with their friends and family through various digital avenues such as text, video, email and social media. So, it’s no surprise that they want the same variety and user-friendly experience from their credit union when being assisted.

Listed below are some of the new member expectations for digital member services:

  • Multi-channel: Your CU should be able to provide members with support wherever they need it, whether through a member-initiation chat, online voice and video, SMS and social to phone, or direct contact with a representative. With live observation technology, your member service representatives can also see what their members see and access their needs accordingly.
  • Seamlessness: With the latest technology, seamless interactions can flow between multiple channels, no matter where the interaction starts or ends. There is no friction, and members will never have to re-enter their information like in the old days. The right technology combines multiple features into one user-friendly, unified digital member service experience.
  • Security: A sophisticated digital member service platform will ensure member privacy and security by encrypting interactions. Services that run on Amazon Web Services infrastructure employ the latest in encryption technologies.
  • AI: Making use of AI-powered operator assistants can help credit union staff provide more efficient and personalized member services. The latest in digital member services includes multiple bot engines and tools to optimize them to fit your credit union's needs.

There’s no doubt that digital member services will play a pivotal role in the future of credit unions. Choosing the right credit union core system is the best way to integrate multiple digital banking features into one cohesive, user-friendly experience for members.

A new partnership for digital member services

In an ever-increasing digital landscape member preferences have evolved. Conventional telephone and web services are no longer enough to satisfy member demands. Co-browsing provides valuable visual "observation" and allows credit unions to “show” members not just “tell". FLEX has partnered with Glia to break down the walls of traditional member support by combining all support communication means into one unified digital member service experience.

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