How to improve credit union member experienceIt's a hot summer day in 1999, the latest roller coaster ride looms in the distance, you jump in line ready to experience the thrill in person. Then you wait... and wait... and wait. After an hour and a half filled with countless weaving back and forth, you arrive - only to find the ride is shut down for a repair. A crushing disappointment and a waste of precious time. Do your members have that same experience at your credit union? Long lines during peak hours? Driving to the CU to meet with a loan officer, only to find they are in a meeting? Amusement parks have introduced Fast Passes to combat this issue - what can your CU do to give your members a better experience

Your credit union may be wonderful, but it's no Six Flags and your members shouldn't feel like it is! Online appointment scheduling and in-branch queuing are helping credit union members make the most of their spare time.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling platforms will allow members to book an appointment, selecting a time and branch that is most convenient to them. They can also book appointments based on the product or services they are looking to discuss which will hook them up with a member services representative qualified to have that discussion. 

If there is an MSR a member prefers to work with, they can select the MSR specifically and ensure they are booking in a open time slot, as the program would sync to the team calendar as well. Each MSR can potentially have a profile that identifies their particular strengths for the booking system as well. For example, if you have a Spanish speaking team member, that can be very useful to your Spanish speaking members.

One word of caution when introducing this scheduling option - educate your members and staff on it. You don't want a member feeling like they get to "cut" in line when someone who booked online walks past them in the lobby. If you've been in the Fast Pass lines, you know the disapproving glances that those waiting will give. Again, your credit union is not a theme park. Make sure the messaging is clear and repeated loudly and often, "If you use our online scheduling, we all win!"

In-branch Queuing

In-branch queuing prevents that feeling of being pushed down a conveyor belt. Standing in line, waiting for the person in front to conduct their business, and then when it's finally your turn, you feel like the person behind you is boring a hole into your back- wishing you'd hurry. With self-service queuing, the member signs into a tablet or iPad upon entry. They are then given a time that they will be served by the MSR. While they wait, some CUs will offer easy displays where members can learn about other services in the meantime. You could also offer seating, refreshments and charging stations.

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Work smarter, not harder. Allowing people to control their own flow in and out of your credit union makes the experience better for both your staff and the membership. People without a Fast Pass are always jealous of those with it - jealous of the ease and convenience it affords. Give your members the thrill ride of respecting their time.

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