Website Design Tips to Increase TrafficIn this day of modern technology, there is a stream of endlessly new content. Websites are no different and should be considered a constant work in progress. You don't want a website that's just "good enough"- you need one that is actually helping you attract visitors! Web designs need to be routinely reviewed and updated to reflect the latest fintech, banking programs and trends in your credit union offerings. Unfortunately, many FI websites tend to be a little lacking and dry when it comes to creativity and fresh ideas. 

Recently The Financial Brand gathered advice from 5 different web-design firms on some techniques that banks and credit unions can use when looking to improve their online experience. These insights and suggestions can help financial institutions design a website that delivers an effective and successful experience to their members.

Here are a few suggestions to consider in order to boost your website traffic:

Make It Visually Enticing – The first thing most experts recommend is using large, attention-grabbing images and graphics. Use easily visible and understandable icons to help consumers navigate to where they need to be on your site and find information quickly. Clean and streamlined navigation options, even on internal pages are important. Consider using eye catching imagery related to your credit union if possible, such as flowers if you are a florist credit union.

Website Design Tips to Increase Traffic

Make SEO A Priority - Adapting your site to ever-changing trends in search engine optimization is crucial. “Creating a digital experience without utilizing SEO is akin to throwing a party no one will attend,” says Craig McLaughlin, CEO of Extractable. “Your site may be beautiful, but who will see it if it doesn’t rank well in search engine results?”

Website Design Tips to Increase Traffic

One way to get a higher ranking in Google search results is to have a fast-loading site. Credit unions can make site load times faster by using a mobile-first approach and a minimalist design that has your website loading in seconds. With fast-paced and tech-savvy consumers, a website that loads too slow often leads to site abandonment and lost opportunities for new members.

Embrace Minimalism - and Simplicity – There’s no question minimalism directs the eyes to certain parts of the screen. Web designs with two colors or simply black and white formats with a pop of color are more eye-catching.  Limiting clutter on the screen and offering a clean and contemporary design is important. Maintaining that simple design while offering eye-catching calls to action (CTAs), chat windows, tools, links to blogs and member testimonials all provide an informative and trustworthy experience.

Use the “Hamburger” Design – The menu format that is – those three or so lines stacked in the top corner of a website’s home screen are recognizable on most mobile websites. This type of simplistic menu format lends itself to easy navigation with dropdowns and helps potential members navigate successfully to internal pages and find the information they are looking for. Again, don’t be afraid to tuck a few attention grabbing CTAs on these pages.

Suggest Related Products – Don’t miss the opportunity to cross-sell other products. Is a member applying for a mortgage for a new house due to a growing family? Suggest a new savings vehicle for their bundle of joy or a college savings plan. First-time home buyers? Suggest a class on budgeting or to learn about the mortgage process. Content-triggered pop-ups, chat windows and again, CTAs can keep your page visitor engaged, and possibly convert to a new member.

With the ever-evolving landscape of fintech and mobile technologies, it’s important to not forget about having a well-designed website as well as a mobile app. Let your technology work for you by partnering with a vendor who has the ability to handle all aspects of your fintech needs and can keep your credit union relevant and at the forefront of the competition.

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