Educate Your Members: What's the Difference Between a FICO® Score and Credit Score?

By Preston Packer |



If you have used a travel website lately to book a flight, you may have noticed a reliability score or rating for flights. This is expressed as a percentage of the time that the flight will actually arrive on schedule to its destination. Advanced sites will use a sophisticated algorithm that will factor in weather and airport delays, the length of delays, cancellations of flights altogether, and much more. Basically telling you that while the flights you book will get you from Point A to Point B, some airlines will be more reliable to get you there on time. The difference between a standard credit score versus a FICO® Score can be viewed in much the same manner. While they both will help determine the credit worthiness of an individual, a FICO® Score will provide a much more reliable view of your member's credit risk. 

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Encouraging Members to Check Their Credit Scores

By Preston Packer |



It’s easy to forget about your credit score until you need it. When it comes time for a loan or credit card application, you don’t want to be surprised with a rejection because you didn’t know that your credit score has gone down since the last time you checked. Most people do not check their credit scores regularly, if at all. Some are deterred by the misconception that checking will ding them some points. There are several reasons why everyone can benefit from checking their credit score. Here’s why your credit union should encourage members to check theirs.

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