Drive Lending Opportunities With Data Analytics

By Preston Packer |



Today, data is at the core of every company, and it's readily available for use. This influx of data has forced financial institutions, including credit unions (CUs), to recognize data's importance and develop their own data strategies that consider its collection, storage, analysis, and utilization. Although data can impact everything from member experience to recruitment, it can also prompt lucrative lending opportunities. In this article, we'll be outlining how your CU can use data analytics to make wise lending decisions that benefit you and your valued members.

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Differentiate Your Credit Union with a Differentiated  Card Payments Strategy

By Preston Packer |



Today, consumers have access to more ways than ever to pay for goods and services. Whether it's convenient Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, or embedded payments—they all represent easier, frictionless payment methods for consumers. But that's not all they share in common: they all pale in comparison to the popularity of credit and debit card solutions.

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Are Digital Wallets Stealing the Credit Card Spotlight?

By Preston Packer |



The term "digital wallet" has been floating around for the past few years. This technology doesn't require a physical credit or debit card and lets consumers pay for products and services using card information stored in a device such as a smartphone or a computer. In fact, according to a 2021 survey, around 150 million Americans have used a digital wallet at least once. Will this intangible payment method put credit cards out of commission? And what does this mean for your credit union?

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Prevent the Grinch from Stealing Your Credit Card Information

By Preston Packer |



The Grinch is trolling department stores this season in the hopes that he can steal a credit card or two. With consumer’s purchasing behavior straying away from their usual habits during the holidays, it makes it even easier for the Grinch to commit credit card fraud. While credit union members should keep their eye out for the Grinch and his accomplices, they should take some additional steps to keep their accounts secure this season. Here are 3 ways members can allude holiday fraudsters this season.

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