Credit Union Member Experience Top Tech to Create a Frictionless Member Experience


Top Tech to Create a Frictionless Member Experience

digital lendingYour credit union has worked hard over the years to earn a reputation as an easier, faster, and more convenient alternative to cold, impersonal alternatives. But these days, your members don't just want a straightforward experience; they want a fully frictionless one. They're looking for a way to handle their finances when they want, where they want, however they want, and they're looking for you to give it to them without even a hint of an obstacle in sight.

Thankfully, this isn't necessarily as difficult as it may sound. As you work towards creating the frictionless experience that your credit union members crave as we move into 2024 and beyond, there are a few key technologies that you will definitely need to take a look at.


Smart eForms

Rather than making a member come into a credit union branch to sign reams of paperwork every time they want a new product or service, smart eForms can accomplish the same thing in an easier, faster way. Here, smart fields, autofill capabilities, and even predictive typing all come together to allow members to securely sign any document they need right from their mobile device. It's a member experience dream and if your credit union doesn't already offer it, now would be the time to start.


Live Assistance

This one may seem straightforward, but it actually offers a number of distinct advantages for your credit unions. First, when your members want help, they want it now—they don't care if it's at 3:00 am or 3:00 pm. Offering live assistance through a mobile app or via your website provides someone with the personalized services they need no matter when they need it.

But going deeper than that, this can also be a great way to better map your member's ongoing journey. Over time, you'll have the data you need to learn about common issues people are having or identify some of the touchpoints people have with your credit union that you may not have even known about. All this helps you understand what members expect, so you can improve the experience in a meaningful way.


Digital Card Loading

Finally, we arrive at the concept of digital card loading—something that has become the cornerstone of instant issuance programs for many credit unions of all sizes.

With digital card loading, your credit union can instantly provision digital payment credentials directly to your members, right from any mobile application or other platform that you're already using. That digital card gets added directly to the member's digital wallet, and they can begin using it right away.

Your credit union can get solutions out to members faster, and they don't have to wait to take advantage of the services they're already excited about. Everybody wins and with that, a true frictionless experience is born.


Evolving Member Experiences: FLEX's Commitment to Credit Unions

At FLEX, we understand that the definition of a "frictionless experience" for most members is constantly changing—and that's okay. We are here to help your credit union continue to evolve with right the technology. That's why we integrate with Entrust, a digital card loading solution, to bring your members the highest level of convenience. 

To get answers to any other questions you might have, please don't hesitate to contact FLEX today.


Preston Packer

Written By: Preston Packer

Executive Vice President | CMO at FLEX Credit Union Technology
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