Core Technology Maximize Your Average Member Relationship With 3 Core-Driven Solutions


Maximize Your Average Member Relationship With 3 Core-Driven Solutions

In the world of credit unions, one of the most telling indicators of success and stability is the Average Member Relationship (AMR). This key metric, calculated by dividing the total loans outstanding and shares by the number of members, provides a clear picture of the trust and engagement your members have with your institution.

A strong AMR not only reflects a trustworthy financial institution but also signals long-term stability and potential for growth. In this blog post, we’ll delve into strategies to improve your credit union’s AMR. We’ll explore how to better leverage your core system and identify essential technologies that your credit union should adopt to enhance member relationships and drive sustainable growth.

Maximize Your Average Member Relationship With 3 Core-Driven Solutions

3 Ways Your Core Can Enhance Your AMR

Centralized Data Management

Ensuring that your credit union does not have isolated data, which is inaccessible and prevents the creation of a comprehensive member profile to cater to their needs, is crucial.

Implementing centralized data management empowers your credit union to grasp a member's full scope, encompassing member details, transaction histories, loan information, and other vital financial and operational data.

Member Engagement Tools

Increasing member engagement is a key driver for boosting your AMR. By utilizing the right technology and focusing on delighting your members, you can effectively enhance their experience. Offer conveniences such as a...

By prioritizing member engagement, your credit union can solidify its position as a trusted financial institution, fostering stronger relationships with members.

Data-Powered Product Offerings

Sending out generic mass emails to all of your members about your products is no longer an effective strategy for modern cross-selling. To enhance your product offerings and bundles, your core system should enable data-driven decision-making.

Having a core system that can conduct cross-product interrogation is crucial. This process involves analyzing data from various product lines to understand...

  • Customer behavior
  • Product performance
  • Interconnections

By gaining insights into how different products interact and how customers engage with them, organizations can tailor their offerings more effectively.


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7 Key Ratios for Core System Efficiency


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