Does Your Credit Union Tech Move the Right Metrics in the Right Direction?

By Preston Packer |



The current success of your credit union is directly related to your credit union's core technology. Few scenarios have made that clearer than the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, credit unions with the right core technology were able to quickly adjust, go digital, and deliver the solutions required to meet member needs.

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Website Metrics CU Managers Should Keep on Their Radar

By Preston Packer |



In the digital world we live in, having a good website is key. Outdated sites that don’t render on mobile devices or load slowly will not impress members, nor make gains in the critical Google rankings game. However, even credit unions with new eye-catching websites won’t reap the full benefits if they are not measuring website performance through reporting. There are countless metrics that platforms like Google Analytics can track and trying to monitor them all can become overwhelming. Here are some key website metrics that credit union managers should be tracking to help guide marketing strategies and tactics.

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