How Digital Lending Helps Small Credit Unions

By Preston Packer |



In 2015, just 7% of banking services were completed on digital platforms from start to finish. While the credit union industry has made great strides in the last few years, there is still a lack of digital options for members. This can be a huge deterrent for members especially when digital lending isn't offered. Some small credit unions might be under the impression that they won’t benefit from digital lending platforms due to the demographics of their membership or for budget constraint reasons. However, it has been proven to help many small CUs in crucial ways. Here are some questions small credit unions should keep in mind when considering digital lending platforms.

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Small but Mighty Credit Unions Overcome Industry Limitations

By Preston Packer |



Not everyone loves a challenge, but small credit unions face them every day. Small credit unions encounter more constraints than their larger CU counterparts, yet they get the opportunity to provide creative solutions that put them out on top. The limitations imposed on small credit unions have only made their solutions more targeted and innovative and allows them to connect with their members in a way that large credit unions cannot. Here are three ways small credit unions outperform larger financial institutions around them, despite the many hurdles thrown their way.

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