Automated Decisioning Trends to Compliment Your Lending Strategy

By Preston Packer |



In addition to digital lending, another scalable technology has grown in popularity, especially in recent years. While credit unions both large and small were initially skeptical of automated decisioning, it is now being implemented at higher rates. The alternative to auto-decisioning, human review, was long-considered a more reliable form of decisioning by many credit unions. However, with increasing loan growth, credit unions have grown more comfortable with the idea of automation. The U.S lending portfolio has increased by 61.8% over the past five years, and last year, credit unions saw loan growth of 9.7%. Consumer loans are the fastest growing category, increasing 20.2% over the past year and 93.7% over the past five years. Due to this rapid growth in the consumer loan space, credit unions have been forced to reassess the efficiency of their lending process and many have taken the leap to adopt automated decisioning. For credit unions who are still on the fence, here are three factors to consider.

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