Credit Union Best Practices Feeling Stuck? 5 Case Studies for Growth, Efficiency, and Core Reviews


Feeling Stuck? 5 Case Studies for Growth, Efficiency, and Core Reviews

In the credit union industry, success is a journey we all share—members, credit unions, and even core providers like FLEX. But it's not just about reading advice; real success comes through stories. The following case studies don't just talk about what credit unions like yours could do; they show how it's done. They're proof that success is possible for credit unions.

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Case Study #1 - Converting Core Systems to Prime Growth


Dealing with negative efficiency metrics and growth, Kings Peak Credit Union needed to overcome the limits of its then-current core processing system.


  • The credit union's systems were converted to FLEX.
  • Key integrations included mobile banking, remote control cards, eSignatures, and more.
  • The credit union has since grown 33% in assets.

Since their conversion and by embracing features like online account opening and mobile lending, Kings Peak Credit Union has also decreased expenses by 2%.

Kings Peak Credit Union Case Study



Case Study #2 - Using Internal Efficiencies to Kick-Start Growth


Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union needed a new strategic direction--one that would empower a new era of growth without nullifying any progress made by former management.


  • Buffalo Metropolitan Credit Union converted its core processing system to FLEX.
  • Integrations included home banking, digital bill pay, eStatements, eNotices, and more.
  • The credit union also saw the launch of its own branded mobile banking app.

In the years since, Buffalo Metropolitan FCU has grown by over $50 million in assets. They have also grown by 2,500 members and $4.5 million in total net worth, too.

Buffalo Metropolitan FCU Case Study



Case Study #3 - Increasing Internal Efficiencies to Triple in Size


Freedom Northwest Credit Union wanted to build upon its existing internal efficiencies to grow what was then $40 million in assets as far as it could go.


  • Freedom Northwest has seen an almost unprecedented level of growth since 2010, hitting over $480 million in assets.
  • FLEX integrations included online banking, remote deposit capture, automated EOP, ACH origination, cross-selling, and more.
  • The goal of the project was to prioritize increasing growth through organizational efficiency gains.

Note that as of 2020, Freedom Northwest was also generating a net income of $61,504 per full-time employee, up from $27,238 prior to the project.

Freedom Northwest Credit Union Growth



Case Study #4 - A Quest to Improve Operational Processes


Granite Federal Credit Union helped distribute grant money to schoolteachers but recognized the program's inefficiencies in the fall of 2015.


  • Switching to FLEX allowed Granite Federal to help streamline the acquisition of classroom supplies, reimbursements, and transparency of fund allocation.
  • FLEX integrations included online banking, digital lending, and a unique debit card program.

Electronic debit cards are now automatically issued to teachers, allowing oversight by both school principals and district management.

Granite Case Study



Case Study #5 - Navigating the Pains of a Core System Review


Railway Credit Union decided to perform a core system review and ultimately signed with FLEX, who they thought would better meet the needs of their staff and members.


  • Railway officials believe that every credit union should conduct a core system review before renewing contracts.
  • FLEX integrations included online banking, a mobile banking app, and digital lending.

Shortly after their review process, Railway Credit Union knew they had to make a change and decided that FLEX was the right partner at the right time.

Core System Review Case Study



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