Core Technology 3 Ways to Utilize Your Core to Cut Operating Expenses


3 Ways to Utilize Your Core to Cut Operating Expenses

Cash flow is vital the your credit union, but often times, margins can be razor thin with high operating expenses. Average operating expenses are one of the key metrics that signal a credit union's health. The goal is to minimize the average operating expense while still remaining competitive in the financial services industry. 

Your core processor system is key to lowering your average operating expenses while also giving your credit union its competitive edge. With the right core processing system, your credit union can lower average operating expenses. Keep reading to find out what raises your operating cost, how your core can fix that, and how to measure the impact. 

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Contributing Factors to Increasing Operational Expenses

Numerous factors play a role in driving up the average operating expenses of your credit union. These can vary, but inefficiency stands out as a primary culprit, alongside other contributing factors. Your credit union's high operating expenses could be attributed to...

  • Lack of Automation: Automation offers many advantages to your credit union, including time and cost savings on repetitive manual tasks. This allows your staff to shift their focus towards enhancing member services. Without automation, your credit union risks squandering resources on tasks that could be efficiently automated.
  • Penalties and Fines: Non-compliance with regulatory requirements can result in significant fines and penalties for your credit union. It is essential that your credit union's core processor allows for smooth and uninterrupted compliance at all times. 
  • Down Time: Transaction delays, increased labor costs for manual processing and troubleshooting, lost revenue from service unavailability, and damage to member trust may come from downtimes. These disruptions necessitate costly emergency IT support and system repairs.

These examples highlight how an ineffective core can drive up your credit union's average operating expenses. Conversely, a top-notch core processing system not only slashes operating costs but also positions you for success in a fiercely competitive market.


Get More From Your Core: Lowering Operational Expenses in 3 Ways

Utilizing a modernized and flexible core processor is essential for reducing unnecessary expenses and improving overall efficiency. By implementing the right core processor, your credit union can lower operational expenses through the following methods:

1. Robust Security Features

A security breach doesn't just risk financial losses; it can erode member trust, leading to a decline in revenue and reputation damage. Investing in a core processor with robust fraud protection capabilities, including...

  • Advanced encryption
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automated threat detection

With this technology, you can safeguard against future operating expenses related to data breaches, legal liabilities, and member compensation. Proactive security measures ensure your credit union remains a trusted institution.

2. Built-in Compliance

Core processors that include comprehensive compliance features can help credit unions stay aligned with regulatory requirements more efficiently. This reduces the need for extensive manual compliance efforts, minimizes the risk of costly fines, and ensures your credit union operates within the legal framework, thereby avoiding disruptions and maintaining a stable operational environment.

3. Well-Integrated Systems

Core processors that seamlessly integrate with other financial systems—such as loan origination, member relationship management, and online banking platforms—streamline operations and enhance data accuracy. This integration eliminates the need for manual data transfers, reducing labor costs and minimizing the risk of errors.

Furthermore, well-integrated systems enable better data analytics and reporting, allowing for more informed decision-making and improved member services. By fostering a more connected and efficient technological ecosystem, your credit union can focus on strategic growth rather than operational inefficiencies.


Start Lowering Your Operational Expenses Today 

Starting to lower your credit union's operational expenses may feel overwhelming or impossible, especially without the necessary technology to drive efficiency. At FLEX, we prioritize the financial health of your credit union both now and in the future. With over 40 years of experience serving credit unions, our advanced core systems are tailored to help decrease your average operating expenses.

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