modern core processingRemote access is no longer a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. Credit union members from all generations are increasingly smartphone reliant and the products and services available to them need to integrate into that world. Where remote deposit capture was once the sparkling gem of new tech, it's old hat now. Credit unions looking to provide their members even the most basic services need to offer remote and highly personalized banking services in order to stay competitive. Utilizing a modern, state-of-the-art core processor is the first step.

The competitive landscape in financial institutions is vast and varied, and credit unions have historically lagged in technology behind the major banks simply as a result of working with tighter budgets. But, with smart investments in advanced core processing technology, the playing field of modern technology can be leveled, opening up the opportunity to really let the service difference shine through and allow CUs to show their advantages.

Application Program Interface (API) architecture in core systems, like FLEX, can give your credit union the tools it needs to serve its membership in the way that today demands. These new systems are built for flexibility, allowing your CU to integrate with never ending flow of new tech that is released. You gain the ability to recognize a demand or need in your membership and present them with the services that fill it. 

This ability to tailor your offering to fit your members shows that you are paying attention to what matters and can help build that long-term relationship that credit unions strive for. Ten years ago, this level of customization was a pipe dream, but technology moves fast and your credit union can too. With API architectures, integrating the latest software offerings becomes almost plug-and-play, without the need for costly overhauls. Your credit union can provide leading edge services that were out of reach only years ago. And, with a future-focused core provider, your core system architecture will maintain this flexibility into the future. 

Credit unions that have long relied on stretching their legacy core systems need to consider upgrading to more advanced core processing to meet the demands of their current and future members. A great core processor provides the foundation of exceptional member service by allowing you to leverage your data to understand your membership behavior and adapt to their changing member demands now and into the future.

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