Credit Union Member Services 6 Things MSRs Should Remind Themselves of Daily


6 Things MSRs Should Remind Themselves of Daily

bigstock-Relax-you-are-awesome--remin-129282125-237665-edited.jpg"I am good enough, I am smart enough, and doggone it, people like me." Tongue-in-cheek aside, positive self-affirmations have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. "An affirmation can work as it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept," according to Ronald Alexander, PhD and the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training Institute. In business, affirmations are used by management to encourage employee behavior and success towards stated goals.  In credit unions, where member service reps are the face of your organization and a representation of your corporate culture, having them repeat these 6 affirmations will ensure they are approaching their role in providing credit union member services with confidence:

  1. I am the expert.Your MSRs become experts through using your products and services. Training programs help expand knowledge, but the best way to learn is through action and experience. Your members want to hear your employees' confidence in your offering, whether its discussing some creative lending solutions, or demonstrating your mobile banking features. Even if a MSR is not 100% trained on a new product, they have the advantage of having the resources to answer members' questions, and should portray that with conviction and confidence. 

  2. Our services make life easier. Everyday life is busy, and for most people, a great value is placed on services that provide simplification and efficiency, such as online bill pay or mobile banking. Your MSRs should stress the convenience your credit union's products and services provide.

  3. Assess, Advise, Assist...  When you hired your MSRs, you most likely did not hire them based on their sales skills, nor did they apply for the position with a strong desire to sell. Likewise, members generally don't want the member service rep to be a sales person. Instead, encourage your MSRs to be natural with an extreme willingness to assist, and strive to inform your members of ways your credit union can make their life easier. Credit union sales cultures have proven to be effective and your member service reps can assist this culture by being helpful and curious.

  4. Language and Posture earn trust.  Scientific studies confirm that body language is all-important when it comes to making first impressions, forming new relationships, and maintaining existing relationships. The 7%-38%-55% rule, postulated by psychologist Albert Mehrabian, points to three elements that inform first impressions and earn trust: Words are 7% of the message, tone of voice is 38%, and body language is 55%. Remind MSRs that, while what they say is important, 93% of their interactions are perceived by tone, attitude and nonverbal cues.

  5. Quality before Quantity when serving members. When the lobby gets busy and MSRs are trying to get members in and out as fast as possible, take a deep breathe and remember that the quality of service rendered is more important than the quantity. If the member that stood in line for 10 minutes is helped and informed of services that can simplify their life, they'll leave thinking of the quality of their experience rather than their time spent waiting.

  6. You represent your credit union. Being on the front line means your MSRs are the face of the credit union. While internet banking and mobile banking apps are certainly changing things up, members standing in your credit union are there for a reason. In-branch activities such as opening a new account or completing the lending process require that your MSRs be focused on leaving a lasting impression. Doggone it, make sure it's a good one!
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Preston Packer

Written By: Preston Packer

Executive Vice President | CMO at FLEX Credit Union Technology
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