Credit union core technologyShhh…. I have a secret.   I know how credit unions can nab new members from the 35 and under population, and it is not just having a Twitter or Facebook account. It is not just having a mobile app for online banking or online lending. It is not just having advanced credit and debit card security features. Do you want to know what it is?

We have created an eBook for credit unions to gain some insight and advice on using their credit union core technology to Master the Millennials and gain younger members.

We invite you to download our eBook to learn more about:

  • Omni-integration: what it is and what you can gain from embracing it
  • Advances in Mobile Banking, including mobile integration and mobile lending
  • Remote Control Debit and Credit Cards for your credit union

Download the eBook: Mastering Millennials

Topics: Mobile Banking, Integrated Apps, Core Technology, Mobile Lending

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