Keep it Simple, Stupid: A Dwight Schrute Look at Member Services

member services We should start by saying that one, you should never call members stupid, and two, you should always keep things simple. When members are looking to make life changing purchases, simplicity will matter when it comes to finding the best loan or credit union to partner with. Buying a home or car can cause stress for members because of the multiple hoops they must jump through. When it comes to member education on your credit union member services, be sure the information you provide is clear and to the point.

  1. Eliminate all Misconceptions. The first step to simple education for members is to eliminate all previous misconceptions members may have about credit unions. Be sure that members understand all the capabilities your credit union has and what services set your institution apart from the rest. Some members may come to your CU for one purpose and never investigate the other offerings you have. When onboarding members, be sure to clearly highlight the products you offer, including mortgages, auto loans and any mobile/online services your CU provides.
  2. Loan Education. Put yourself in members' shoes when you’re thinking how to educate them about loan offerings. Know your audience and know that some members may be applying for loans for the first time, or are unfamiliar with the steps they must take. Create a step-by-step brochure, poster or infographic that members can easily refer to. Let them know where they should start and what background research or knowledge they must obtain before moving forward with their loan process. Establish your CU as a thought leader by creating an educational piece that can be used by the masses, experienced members or not.
  3. Technology. When it comes to technology, know that members except it and it’s even better when the technology is streamlined and simple. Be sure that all applications and website forms are designed with the member in mind. A member doesn’t want cumbersome tools or multiple complicated logins when trying to access their information or educational pieces. Keep it safe and secure, but not difficult. E-signatures and other features of electronic documentation can be extremely beneficial in simplifying processes.
  4. Consistency. Simplicity for members means consistency. Anytime your member interacts with your credit union they should be met with a consistent brand voice and deliverables. If a member calls an MSR and is told one thing and then calls back the next day and the other MSR tells them something different, they become confused, frustrated and trust is eroded. Keep things simple by ensuring that all MSR’s are up to date with information related to your member services, and also are in align with the mission of your credit union.

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Your credit union doesn’t need to be as blunt as Dwight Schrute, but you can definitely practice his simplicity approach. Offer exceptional services to your members, and keep it clear and simple.

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