NEW ORLEANS (April 2013) -- Orbograph, a leading supplier of recognition solutions for the U.S. check processing market inducted Utah based FLEX Core Processing into the Orbograph Hall of Fame as the 2013 New Partner of the Year at the company’s client conference in New Orleans on April 12. The ORBY Award was presented to FLEX Senior Vice President Sean Holcomb by Orbograph Vice President of Marketing Joe Gregory for playing a pivotal role in the growth and implementation of Orbograph’s solutions as well as impacting the industry through execution of new technology. FLEX has led innovation in credit union core technology for credit unions since 1978.

“FLEX was selected for the New Partner of the Year Award for 2013 because of their innovative solution set, outstanding implementation process and cooperative business nature with Orbograph. Our relationship with FLEX exemplifies how partnerships can blossom when two companies work together to offer best market solutions,” said Gregory. “FLEX is doing a tremendous job at optimizing the Orbograph Accura XV solution within FLEX Check21 and Teller Image Capture platform.” According to Gregory, FLEX has achieved a unique and unusual accomplishment by successfully installing teller image capture in several new financial institutions in less than a year.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition and extremely gratified with the solutions developed in collaboration with our partners from Orbograph,” said Holcomb. “Our JAVA-written Check21 solution, backed by Orbograph’s Accura XV, is uniquely embedded into the FLEX core teller system and delivers one of the financial industry’s most advanced Check21 offerings. With so much attention given to the electronic payment space, we cannot afford to ignore present needs. As paper check processing numbers continue to decline, current projections show that billions will be processed annually in the U.S. for years to come. This, in our view, necessitates a smarter multi-tiered strategy that streamlines the old as we develop and adopt the new. ”

In recent years, credit union industry personnel ranked FLEX first among competing vendors for customer satisfaction. FLEX is based in Sandy, Utah and serves nearly 300 credit unions in locations across the country, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Eastern Caribbean. The company enjoys established relationships with all regulatory agencies, corporate credit unions and major industry partners.


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