Credit Union Core ConversionTaylor Swift has found fame writing songs about her seemingly endless breakups. The once country star is now a pop icon and her number one chart-topping song of 2015 "Blank Space" is an anthem of being young and reckless for teenagers nationwide. The lyrics are compelling because relationships can be difficult and no matter how promising they begin, have an equal chance of ending tragically. "So it's going to be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames... It'll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar..." Relationships often end because once someone (or a business) wins you over, they stop doing the things that attracted you to them in the first place and the romance dies. All of the reasons you chose your existing credit union data processing system may now be either non-existent or just not enough to keep the spark alive. What started as a blank space is now painted with indications that it might be time to leave.

So how do you know when enough is enough, and it's time for a core system review? Here are a few guiding love-and-heartbreak songs to assist in deciding if it's time to break up with your core and begin a credit union data processing review:

  • What have you done for me lately? (Janet Jackson) Did your credit union core provider wow you with bells and whistles and then not keep up with the changing demands of credit union data processing technology? Perhaps internet banking was the most important, ground-breaking initiative when you last converted to a new core system. But if that core has not adapted to the trends in member behavior and has not been quick enough to incorporate newer technology, it may be time to consider a data processing system review.
  • Hello, Goodbye (The Beatles) Some credit union core systems have taken the opposite approach by not only embracing new technology but opting to embrace new technology at the expense of existing services. Perhaps they have put all of their budget for support and enhancements into saying hello to new trends, while saying goodbye to services your credit union still relies heavily upon to survive.
  • Lyin' Eyes (The Eagles) Were promises made by your current credit union solution that are consistently broken? Is your core continually missing deadlines for compliance and regulations or making guarantees on features or developments they can't meet? Then it could be time to look for credit union software that has the product innovation you need, not just a good sales or marketing spin.
  • Two Black Cadillacs (Carrie Underwood) As just about every country music song ever made reminds us, people can sometimes lie and cheat.  Regulatory updates that have not been met, support calls not returned in a timely manner, exorbitant costs for network mandates... a list of items that "won't happen again" but are occurring more frequently is a sign that it may be time to review your core system.
  • End of the Road (Boyz II Men) Perhaps you are getting the sense that your core provider has decided that supporting your credit union is no longer their priority. Maybe they are designing their systems for larger credit unions, or you have simply outgrown what they are capable of handling. Often times in these situations there is no Bad Blood (Taylor Swift), just simply a recognition that you both have changed and out of respect, it may be time to move on.
  • In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel) Relationships don't always have an end. It's possible that your credit union has met the perfect match, especially if your core has always provided you with the offerings you want and the support you need. Even in a perfect relationship, however, there is a need for "state of the unions" where both parties come together and discuss areas of weakness and/or needs for improvement. These meetings ensure you are both on the same page. Don't mistake one shortcoming as being a sign that the other can't change and be careful not to let love blind you from getting what you deserve. Sometimes it's not how the core provider views your relationship that matters, rather it's how you see your core processor through your eyes.

Learn How to Approach a Core System Review with Common Sense


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