Core Technology Get More From Your Core: 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Efficiency Ratio


Get More From Your Core: 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Efficiency Ratio

Efficiency ratio is more than just a buzzword; it is a vital component of your credit union’s long-term health and success. The efficiency ratio matters because it is a good indicator of your credit union's ability to operate well within its budget and provide value to your members. With a good efficiency ratio, your credit union can offer more competitive interest rates and enjoy more revenue. 

Core technology serves as the foundation for your efficiency ratio, acting as an unseen force enabling a seamless and competitive experience for your members. Keep reading to uncover how your core technology can play an active role in increasing your efficiency ratio.

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Increase Your Efficiency Ratio With This Core Tech

1. Automate Repetitive Processes 

Automation presents a huge opportunity for your credit union to save money and time. With the right technology, your credit union can automate repetitive tasks and let your staff spend more time where it matters: your members. 

Not only does automation help your credit union, but it also benefits its members. Your members no longer have to wait for extensive waiting periods for loan approvals. Cutting out all the wasted time with loan applications sitting in piles on a desk, your members can access funds more easily, increasing member satisfaction. 

Automation begins with the right core technology. Having a core that allows your credit union to automate tasks, automate lending, or integrate with a provider that offers automation in any way is the first step in boosting your efficiency ratio. 

2. Enhance Data Analytics

Does your core technology provide you with the analytics you need to make informed decisions? Or are you wasting time making your best guess? Utilizing data the right way will help your credit union work more efficiently by making data-backed decisions that will yield more substantial results that you can depend on. 

Collecting data on your members is crucial for personalizing your cross-selling strategies, providing them with tailored offerings without the need for searching. This not only reduces marketing costs but also boosts revenue. Ensure that your core technology includes robust data analytics capabilities to enhance your efficiency ratio.

3. Streamline Member Onboarding

Core technology enhances efficiency by streamlining member onboarding through automated data entry, digital applications, and e-signatures, reducing manual work and errors.

Another important aspect of member onboarding is security. With integrated authentication and verification, your new members will feel safe inputting their data, reducing application abandonment.

Additionally, seamless integration with other services, such as single sign-on and omnichannel access, enhances user convenience and satisfaction. These improvements collectively contribute to a higher efficiency ratio for your credit union.


Boost Your Efficiency Ratio With FLEX's Core Technology

One of FLEX's main goals is to provide credit unions like yours with core technology that continuously optimizes workflows and increases efficiency. With simplicity, scalability, and innovation at the forefront, FLEX aims to make things a seamless experience for your credit union and its members. 

Explore how a credit union like yours improved its efficiency ratio using cutting-edge core technology. Click below to discover their success story.

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Written By: Preston Packer

Executive Vice President | CMO at FLEX Credit Union Technology
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