Do These 3 Simple Things to Ensure a Positive Mobile Banking Experience

By Preston Packer |



It seems many members have embraced mobile banking from the onset. The idea of not having to wait until 9 am the next morning to talk to a teller or wait until you are at home in front of your laptop to see if a check cleared has its obvious benefits. While most people are familiar by now with the conveniences of a mobile banking app, there are several marketing efforts out there illustrating the benefits these apps can provide. Picture a woman out with friends who suddenly realizes she doesn't have her credit card in her purse. After a brief moment of panic, she whips out her phone and instantly freezes her card. She then walks calmly through the frozen crowd to retrieve her lost card, still sitting absently on the table with her bill at the restaurant they just left. A simple solution - offered through remote control cards in her mobile banking app - to an  inconvenient and often  common problem.
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