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NEW ORLEANS (April 2013) -- Orbograph, a leading supplier of recognition solutions for the U.S. check processing market inducted Utah based FLEX Core Processing into the Orbograph Hall of Fame as the 2013 New Partner of the Year at the company’s client conference in New Orleans on April 12. The ORBY Award was presented to FLEX Senior Vice President Sean Holcomb by Orbograph Vice President of Marketing Joe Gregory for playing a pivotal role in the growth and implementation of Orbograph’s solutions as well as impacting the industry through execution of new technology. FLEX has led innovation in credit union core technology for credit unions since 1978.

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West Oahu Community Federal Credit Union Chooses All-in-One Technology Solution of FLEX

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Waianae, HI (March 2013) -- West Oahu Community Federal Credit Union located in Waianae, Hawaii has converted its core processing system to FLEX for its uniquely designed embedded virtual server technology engineered in JAVA™. The system was chosen because of its proven ability to reduce system complexity and IT resources to less than half of today's industry standards. FLEX has offered innovative technology for all sized credit unions for over three decades. Today’s FLEX core solution is completely integrated and robust with unified solutions for both on-line and in-house technologies.

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FLEX Selects Orbograph for Check Recognition in FLEX Check21 Teller Platform

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FLEX Selects Orbograph for Check Recognition in FLEX Check21 Teller Platform

Solution delivers automation to teller image capture for credit unions

October 22, 2012 – Salt Lake City, UT and Billerica, MA – FLEX, the newest and most architecturally advanced core solution for credit unions, along with Orbograph, a leading supplier of recognition solutions for the U.S. check processing market as well as paper and electronic payment solutions for healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), today announced that the JAVA-based FLEXTeller Check21 image capture system is now integrated with Orbograph’s check recognition solutions. Orbograph was selected as the vendor of choice for check recognition software as an integrated and embedded component to the FLEX teller platform.

As financial institutions continue to adopt image capture at the teller line, many purchase a separate module from a non core provider which is implemented through integration with the teller system. By implementing a natively developed solution within the FLEX platform, FLEX is able to deliver an unprecedented level of interoperability between the images, account history and teller application. This provides streamlined teller operations, customer service benefits, archival standardization as well as superior software usability.

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Fully Integrated Teller Check21 Now Available on FLEX at a Portion of Add-On Cost

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Sandy, UT (September, 2012) -- FLEX announced today that its fully integrated Check21 feature is active and available at a portion of the cost of other Check21 add-on components available to credit unions. The new feature streamlines check processing at the teller level in credit unions on the FLEX core processing system with highly efficient integration. The FLEX Check21 feature is not only cost effective but also eliminates the need for batching as many Check21 processing add-ons demand.

This general release comes after a full series of BETA release implementation standards have been tested and proved. In Washington, Tri-Cities Credit Union has found great benefits. "We have recently switched to the natively integrated and immediate process of FLEX Check21 and are very pleased with the improvements and efficiency," said Doug Wadsworth, Tri-Cities Credit Union President. Tri-Cities serves 3,585 members in one location with $23M in assets.

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